Explore a two-story ship with an engine room, ship bridge and more!

Captain an imaginative adventure on the giant S.S. Friendship. Sail, navigate and be a ship engineer as you explore the seas and discover how products make their way around the world. Work together to move, stack, and explore what’s inside of shipping containers. Try your hand at operating a gantry crane, explore an engine room and try your hand at navigating a ship, plus learn about the Port of Baltimore – and the many jobs and products you’ll find at one of the world’s most active ports!

Floor 3
  • toddlers & pre-k
  • ages 5-10
  • sensory friendly
  • mobility-friendly
  • Explore a huge life-sized ship – including an engine room, gantry crane, and more.
  • Role play as the ship’s captain and sailors, navigators, engineers, stevedores and merchants.
  • Scan cargo in our security station – and learn about where cargo comes from.
  • Try out – and learn about – jobs that make The Port of Baltimore work.
  • Collaboration
  • Confidence
  • Gross motor skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Social skills
  • STEM concepts including sorting, weighing, and transporting a variety of products.
  • Recommended for all ages (including parents and caregivers).
  • Encourage children to work together as they operate the crane and role-play as the ship.
  • Ask children questions a variety of questions to help them think about what they are experiencing. You might ask them to identify the many parts of the ship, what jobs they think make a ship operate, how things are put on and taken off a ship, where objects they are wearing or use every day come from – and how they get here.
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The Port Virtual Tour

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