Reach for the Clouds in Port Discovery’s New SkyClimber!

View looking across and down at Port Discovery's multi-floor climber with a swirly slide and multi-level interactive ship exhibit
Climb Up, Up, and Away in The SkyClimber!
Encourage children to dream – and test their courage – as you climb together and explore the four-story SkyClimber!
Here are a few unique activities and features you won’t want to miss!
1. Climb for the Clouds – Socks Required!

Encourage your children to build confidence, learn problem-solving skills, build motor skills, and have fun as they try their hand at climbing the SkyClimber(And get in on the fun as you climb along with them!)

Children (and kids at heart) will be inspired to dream and to test their courage as they climb their way up and around the four-story SkyClimber up into the clouds. Then either slide down an ultra-fun (and ultra-swirly!) four-story slide or climb down to the ground.

This new, impressive climber is designed to build confidence – and while we anticipate lots of visitors will make it to the tippy-top, it’s perfectly okay if you make it part of the way up! We encourage adults to climb along with their children – and to encourage them to go up – or down. If needed, Port Discovery staff will assist climbers via staff-only entrance points. We recommend the exhibit for ages 5+, but you are the best judge of your children’s interests and abilities.

Please Note: Socks (but not shoes!) are required to climb. We’ll provide them to borrow or to buy, and you’re more than welcome to use your own.

2. Slip-slidin’ down a Four-Story Spiral Storm Slide

Super tall, super swirly, super fun! That’s just one way to describe an AMAZING new four-story slide that will make everyone go “Whoa!”.

The only catch: you must climb your way up and through the SkyClimber to reach it!

The super tall, super spiral, and super fun slide is actually called the Storm Slide – and for good reason!  As you zoom down the slide (and hear giggles and shouts of “again, again!”), you’ll hear thunder and other storm sounds as you go.

BONUS: Sliders get a one-of-a-kind view of the Museum thanks to transparent panels positioned along the way. Zoom, zoom!

3. Motion Activated Sounds

What’s that you hear?  As you climb up into the clouds, motion-activated sound effects will be triggered as you climb higher and higher. Listen for birds, thunder, and other sounds – and be sure to share what you hear with us!

4. The Overlook
Reach for the Clouds in Port Discovery’s New SkyClimber!

Want an impressive view of the Museum? Check out the Overlook, located on the second floor, and enjoy an immersive experience without really having to climb!

Located just high enough to give you the sense of climbing, the Overlook gives visitors the chance to experience the thrill of climbing and heights outside of the SkyClimber.

The Overlook features two entrances, one which is fully ADA and Wheelchair accessible and one that allows children to climb through and upon netting that will give them access to communicate with other children on the SkyClimber.

5. Interactive Games

Enjoy the thrill of making new friends and playing games together! Fun, interactive games are positioned on our third floor and allow children inside and outside of the SkyClimber to play games together. How cool?!

6. Toddler Area & Chessie’s Grotto
Reach for the Clouds in Port Discovery’s New SkyClimber!

At the base of the new SkyClimber you’ll find an enchanting play space for younger children. Chessie’s Grotto features none other than Chessie, the fabulous and fun Chesapeake Bay Sea Monster!

Young learners will explore textures and tactile experiences along the length of Chessie’s tale.  The Toddler Area is an underwater paradise for little learners as they can read books about the ocean and sea creatures, plus take a little slide down Chessie’s tail!  Bubble tubes and a kelp forest will help provide a whimsical sensory-filled underwater experience.  On the floor, squishy gel tiles will create visual processing and sensory stimulation for all ages and ability levels.

BONUS: Parents can easily cheer on those climbing the SkyClimber from this fun spot!